Risk Tolerance and Safety Climate

Does a worker’s personal and work-related risk tolerance influence their attitude and understanding of safety (i.e. safety climate)? Does a worker’s safety climate score predict tendency to break rules independent of their risk tolerance and demographic differences? What are the global differences in risk tolerance and safety climate among construction workers?


A new project aims to tackle these and many other questions by analyzing a dataset of more than 11,000 construction workers from 19 countries. Our goal is to understand how these constructs influence each other and what is their relationship with an individual’s frequency to break rules. Such explorations will add to the body of knowledge on human psyche and help future researchers and practitioners develop more targeted safety training modules.

Research Status: Writing Reports and Journal Articles

Funding Agency: Private Industry

Conference Proceedings

Bhandari S., Hallowell M. R., Salas R., and Alruqi W. (2019). Global differences in Risk Tolerance Levels Among Construction Workers. Proceedings of Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Construction Specialty Conference/ Construction Research Congress, Laval (Greater Montreal), Canada, June 12 – June 15, 2019.

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