Live Demos/Naturalistic Injury Simulations Project

Naturalistic Injury Simulations

Developing a new multimedia training module for construction workers with two-fold aims: firstly, helping them develop an emotional engagement with safety training and second, instigating situational interest among them towards safety and safety training. Demos recreate injuries realistically using hyper-realistic replicas of human hands and simulate actual construction accidents.


The aim was to induce emotions so that demos can impact worker’s decision-making, risk-perception, and learning desires. Watch this video to learn more about the project:


Research Status: Completed.

Funding Agency: Private Industry

Conference proceeding:

1.] Bhandari, S., and Hallowell M. R. (2015) “New multimedia safety education program: impacts on emotions, risk perceptions, and learning.” Proceedings of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Construction Specialty Conference, Vancouver, Canada, June 7- June 10, 2015. [Best Paper Award]

Journal papers:

1.] Bhandari, S., & Hallowell M. R. (2017). Emotional Engagement in Safety Training: Impact of Naturalistic Injury Simulations on the Emotional State of Construction Workers. Journal of construction engineering and management, 143(12), 04017090.

[Click here to access the paper]

2.] Bhandari, S., Hallowell, M. R., & Correll, J. (2019). Making construction safety training interesting: A field-based quasi-experiment to test the relationship between emotional arousal and situational interest among adult learners. Safety Science117, 58-70.

[Click here to access the paper]

Poster Presentation:

1.] Bhandari S., and Hallowell M. R. (2016). “Live Safety Demos.” Construction Industry Institute (CII), Washington D.C., MA, August 1-3, 2016. [Poster]