Effectiveness of Large Scale Safety Orientation Sessions

Researchers have tested various interventions and strategies such as injury simulations and multimedia learning approach. These strategies have been shown to be quite useful in improving skills and conditioning risk-taking behavior among construction workers. However, on construction sites these strategies are often incorporated in a larger safety training environment that is still primarily based on child-focused pedagogical learning framework. It remains unclear how effective these strategies are within pedagogical learning environment which is critical because studies usually study interventions and training strategies in isolation.


For this project, I was on a construction site with over 9000 construction workers that needed to be given safety training. I was able to observe the training program and collect data on hazard ID skills, risk perception, risk tolerance, and cognitive biases among construction workers. Over the next year, we will be publishing the results from these observation to make recommendations on how to improve large-scale safety orientation sessions.

Research Status: Data Analysis

Funding Agency: Private Industry

Publication: <Coming soon>