Field Visit and Safety Training Seminar (Regina, SK)

Visiting Enbridge pipeline site near Regina (SK) and observing the on-going work on a few spreads.

The complexity of the “assembly line” nature of work on a large pipeline construction process was on full display here in Regina SK in sub-zero temperatures. The visit included observing and engaging with workers across the entire spread, understanding the work process, and critical safety concerns. From trenching to pipe stringing to welding and coating tasks, it was incredible experience and a valuable learning opportunity. The word of the trip: “jeeping” a.k.a. electric “holiday” test.


For this project, over 9000 construction workers needed to be given safety training. I was able to observe the training program and collect data on hazard ID skills, risk perception, risk tolerance, and cognitive biases among construction workers. Over the next year, we will be publishing the results from these observation to make recommendations on how to improve large-scale safety orientation sessions.

Research Status: Data Analysis

Funding Agency: Private Industry

Publication: <Coming soon>