Rate the course overall: 5.00/6

Rate the instructor’s effectiveness in encouraging interest in this subject: 5.00/6

Rate the instructor’s availability for course-related assistance such as email, office hours, individual appointments, phone contact: 5.68/6

Rate this instructor’s respect for and professional treatment of all students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy, age, disability, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, political affiliation, or political philosophy: 5.75/6

Rate the Instructor Overall: 5.18/6

Some comments from students:

One of the best instructors I’ve ever had. He always took time to help me with any assignment any time. He’s insanely good about email correspondence and genuinely wants to help you learn.

Sid, for this being the first class that you taught I thought you really did a great job overall! You seemed very comfortable lecturing in front of the entire class, which is not something that comes naturally to a lot of people. The worksheets that we did in class were very helpful for both the homework’s and the exams. Personally I did not find the guest lectures to be very helpful for the material in the class, but they were interesting nonetheless so I’m glad they were a part of the course.

Was a very great guy who made coming class enjoyable. He made the material that much more interesting because of his own love for construction, making the material much more intriguing to learn about. Also he was available for extra help even in separate times and very good at responding back to messages.

I’ve learn so so so much from this class, Thank you ver much!!! I planned on taking this with me out in my engineering practice

Sid was super chill! Loved his class and him, thanks man, u crushed it!!!! 

I love the setup of the class. The worksheets are super helpful and are gone through in depth where it is easy to follow and understand. The homework was very manageable and the work load was good. I learned a lot in this class and I really enjoyed the teaching style, t really worked for me. The solutions to everything in the class were posted online, which was SUPER helpful. I liked it a lot 🙂 Great class!!

Sid is fantastic! As he is still a student, he did a good job of pushing certain points that were a little more difficult. While it started a little rough, he quickly revised his methods and ended up being one of the most clear, concise and direct instructors that I’ve had at CU. He also was very understanding of issues with students (obligations, stresses, etc) and was flexible. He grades harshly, but teaches the material so well and is so available to help that it is fair and expected. Highly, highly recommend this course or any course that Sid teaches.

Overall, awesome job covering every topic. Sometimes Class was a little rushed, but nothing drastic. Sid was an amazing professor.

I believe you taught this class very well and the examples you showed in class were great. I loved the funny jokes and references as well. You were always very helpful and available to answer questions about homework and the project which was very beneficial. One thing I will say is that I feel like some of the guest lecture days not many people showed up so you may want to make those sessions worth points for attending. Other than that this was my favorite class this semester because I enjoyed going to class and doing the work. Best of luck in the future!

Very encouraging atmosphere. He is always available and willing to help. He always tries his best to make sure his students understand every detail of the topic being taught.

Great professor, always prepared to answer questions and provide thorough explanations.