Rate the course overall: 5.14/6

Rate the instructor’s effectiveness in encouraging interest in this subject: 5.64/6

Rate the instructor’s availability for course-related assistance such as email, office hours, individual appointments, phone contact: 5.88/6

Rate this instructor’s respect for and professional treatment of all students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy, age, disability, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, political affiliation, or political philosophy: 6.00/6

Rate the Instructor Overall5.68/6

Some comments from students:

Sid does an amazing job at making sure the material he presents is clear and concise, which removes some confusion that comes with courses. I appreciated how he would stop in his lectures to make sure everyone is caught up. He is amazing at teaching.

The clearest teaching style I have ever experienced. It was very clear exactly what would be on the test Extremely reasonable. You were better than 95% of all the teachers I have ever had.

I really enjoyed this course, especially the way you do example problems and go step by step through the problems and make the complex process simple. This may be hard but I think more hands on/visual examples would be beneficial.

I really enjoyed this course. I believe it offers a good look at actual tasks practicing engineers will do. I also enjoyed the focus on using logic rather than memorization.

I liked that Sid taught the material that he wanted and expected us to know in a way that was clear. I also thought it was nice that he had people from a company meet with us for a happy hour so we could talk with them to potentially help us get a job I’ve never had a teacher do that.

Excellent Job for your first time teaching this course. I enjoyed the challenges and I was impressed at how you phrased complex stratagem for problem solving such that the students would better understand it the first time. Simplifying these things and being as matter of fact as possible made the course a lot more enjoyable than it could have been.

Sid was a great instructor and always made time to help students with any questions that they had. He also did a good job at understanding where students were struggling and having follow-up lectures to ensure everyone was on the same page. There was an appropriate amount of homework and the tests were straight forward (for the most part). I think my overall stress levels about the course would be reduced if we were allowed to have a note sheet during the exam. Sid mentioned that the project used to be split up throughout the course and have different deliverables, and I wish it was still this way because it would force me to get my shit together before the last two weeks of school. I also think that the project would be better if all parts correlated to each other.