Rate the course overall: 5.32/6

Rate the instructor’s effectiveness in encouraging interest in this subject: 5.62/6

Rate the instructor’s availability for course-related assistance such as email, office hours, individual appointments, phone contact: 5.76/6

Rate this instructor’s respect for and professional treatment of all students regardless of race, color, national origin, sex, pregnancy, age, disability, creed, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, veteran status, political affiliation, or political philosophy: 5.85/6

Rate the Instructor Overall5.74/6

Comments from Students:

Great teacher and overall person

Sid was by far the best TA I’ve ever had. He was very good at encouraging students and explaining things thoroughly.

Enthusiasm and mastery of subject is useful

You did a really good job encouraging interest in this class

Nothing. You were absolutely fantastic

Absolutely fantastic. Great when teaching the material. Broke down problems quickly and effectively, and made learning it easy and simple. Always available for questions and emails were responded to quickly. Absolutely fantastic. No qualms whatsoever.

Thanks for being highly available. You put the “Lord” in “Lord of the Rings”

Clear, simple power points. Always really quick to respond to emails. Helpful in office hours, overall really good.

Sid is so cool! I love the way he explains everything; he is super clear and patient. He is going to be an amazing professor.

Sid was always helpful and quick to answer questions outside of class.

Sid was always available, very responsive, and helpful. This was incredibly refreshing and appreciated. Sometimes it seemed that he was a bit short on patience, but overall he was still helpful and always professional. The project could have been structured better and could have been more clear, but was overall a good idea.

Sid did an amazing job! It was seriously like having two professors teach this course and I LOVED IT! Seeing him leave for another institution is very sad, but I wish him all the best!

Hallowell has some competition! Keep it up sidd!

Fantastic! Incredibly engaging and motivating to learn the material. Has an incredible teaching style and makes class enjoyable.

Thank you for being helpful and available. You were also so informative so keep doing that.

Sid is one of the best TAs that I have had at CU. He is always very quick to respond to emails and questions and is very helpful in and out of the classroom. Sid makes himself available and puts your understanding of the material before anything else. I appreciate the different ways that Sid explains thing so that people with different learning styles can learn effectively from him. Sid has a very solid understanding of the material himself so he can teach us with ease. Sid’s teaching style is interactive and relatable and I like the mix of examples and explanations that he gives in class. Sid is a great TA and will make a great professor next in his career.

You were awesome!