CII Conference 2016, MD

A couple of months after the CRC conference in PR, I had the opportunity to present my NIS simulation research at the Construction Industry Institute (CII) Conference in National Harbor, Maryland August 1-3, 2016.. It was a poster presentation to highlight non-CII sponsored research in Construction Engineering and Project Management at the CII Annual Conference.

Click HERE to view the poster presented.

It was very different experience from CRC conference given the diverse crowd from industry and academic world. There was a dedicated Q&A session for each of the CII funded projects where the audience could interact with the research team after they presented their work and findings. The format and interaction was new thing for me to experience since CRC focused more on presenting large volume of unique projects.


I also got to interact with industry leaders and researchers from across the country. The picture below is me with the fellow poster presenters on the last day of conference. It was a complete blast!