Michigan Construction Safety and Productivity Research Laboratory

Michigan Construction Safety and Productivity Research Laboratory is housed within the Civil and Construction Engineering Department at the Western Michigan University. The mission of this laboratory is to advance the science of workforce safety and productivity through rigorous experimentation that tests innovative interventions to improve the health and well-being of the workforce on jobsites. The members of this laboratory perform research on a number of topics such as using virtual and augmented reality to improve situational awareness among construction workers, spatial and temporal analyses of hazard interactivity, modeling the influence of human factors on requisite safety skills and productivity, modeling the antecedents to substance abuse among construction workers, measuring the predictive quality of leading indicators and safety climate, and leveraging adult learning and behavioral psychology theories to improve occupational training programs. In pursuit of our mission, we believe that research rigor within occupational safety and productivity domain should be empirically validated and cross-examined on a global scale.

Lab Director: Dr. Siddharth Bhandari